Tanglin Black Powder

Tanglin Black Powder Gin is a Navy-Strength, award-winning gin with a 58% ABV with smooth and delicious notes. Taking inspiration from traditional Navy-Strength Gins, the inner label design and illustration features the infinity knot with the 58 intertwined, along with botanics of Singapore, to blend the Navy history with the local brand story. Our talented designers created the illustration style and used a pin-pointing effect representing the story that traditionally, a Navy-Strength Gin has to be above 57% ABV, the strength at which gin-drenched gunpowder still ignites when lit.

Packaging Design | Illustration | Print Production

The design features a front, inner, and back label, with all labels using the foil substrate with the addition of the outer labels using a matte varnish to give a premium and unique packaging look. The inner label allows for visual discovery from any perspective.

The back label features the product story and hand-drawn ingredients, highlighting what makes this award-winning Gin special. The label die-cut follows the brand's core range as the 58% Black Power Gin is Tanglin Gin's most awarded Gin and premium offering.