We are a brand design and creative agency that creates meaningful, authentic, bold, engaging designs for new and established brands. We work on various brands from beverages to technology, delivering our happy clients strategic, meaningful, high-value work.

Kiilat Creative was founded by Marilyn and Shaun, forming a design agency that creates exceptional, effective work. With combined experience in design, strategy and marketing for top global branding and packaging design agencies, they bring passion and insight to every project, creating impactful brands.


The ability
to create and
ideate with
amazing crafting
and conceptual
Marilyn Tjitra
Creative Director
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Origins :

Movements :
Lived & worked in Southeast
Asia and NYC

Strengths :
Designer + Strategist +

Likes :
Holidays + Sweets + Treating


Mind power with
deep thinking
abilities that
formulate unique
strategic and
creative ideas.
Shaun Cunningham
Managing Director
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Origins :

Movements :
10+ years in Southeast Asia

Designer + Strategist +

Likes :
Travel + Coffee + Interior design

Who We Work With
We create meaningful and distinctive work for brands of all shapes and sizes, from startups to globally established companies.
Universal Robina
Delfi Limited
F&N Foods
Diamond Food
Tanglin Gin
Remy Cointreau
Jafa Brewery
Vincere Health
Igloo Insurance
Vincere Health
Apsara Pearl Group
Our team has experience working with a wide range of companies.
Glaxo Smith Kline
Kraft Heinz
Heinz ABC
Procter & Gamble
Johnson & Johnson
What Our Clients Say
"When we were choosing a branding partner to work with, we knew we were in a tricky spot: how do you brand a tech company building something new and complex, win the trust of consumers in five southeast Asian countries? Kiilat Creative delivered this flawlessly. And they did so by painstakingly studying our business and industry, thus ensuring that hidden yet crucial insights get drawn out into the light. Igloo is a brand that we can now happily commit years of brand building to in the Southeast Asian market with the confidence that we will be noticed, recognised and recalled."

- Weiling Lee, Marketing Lead, Igloo Insurance
"Kiilat Creative has been our design agency for the past two years. They have generated cut through designs and advertising we have applied to all of our business touchpints. ApsaraPearl and Koncrete Koboi. Kiilat brings talent and experience across physical and digital design - and they were quick to grasp our mission and needs. Beyond design impact - the ways of working with the team couldn't be easier. They are simple great to work with. We genuinely consider them part of our enterprise. I can;t recommend them highly enough."

- Chris O'Donohue, CEO, ApsaraPearl Group
"From the very start, it was a pleasure to work with the team at Kiilat Creative. Shaun and Marilyn exceeded our expectations in every which way and delivered a gem of a brand identity for JAFA Beer. Their attention to detail and a complete understanding of their client's needs is what sets them above the rest; true passionate professional at work."

- Jay Jafa, CEO, Jafa Brewery