Fenix Fitness

FENIX FITNESS is a premium gym facility based in Singapore's central business district that specialises in transformational personal training with sustainable, evidence-based methods. Derived from "phoenix", the mythical creature, the name takes inspiration from rebirth - the idea of a renewed transformation and becoming your best self.

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The X is the hero of the logo; it represents the unique personal fitness coaching relationship between coach and client. Together, a bond is created to form a solid unit that produces the best results; the X is the union of the 1-on-1 teamwork in a visual representation. The red strike-through symbolises clients being top of mind, out in front in the spotlight, constantly pushing forward for desired results.

The brand photography style tells a positive, inspiring and captivating story of transformation, health and confidence. It is upbeat, light, contemporary, candid, bright, always inspiring, and welcoming.