Bago Rum Founder's Batch

Bago Rum is produced and owned by Lime House Singapore. Our brief was to design a label that holds true to its roots. For the Founder's Batch, we visually celebrate the vibrant culture of the Caribbean. We took inspiration from the rum shack bars that line the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago with expressive typography, hand-painted signage and organic textures. The abstract tropical graphics aim to give the drinker a feeling of being transported to paradise.

Project Scope

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Print Production

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The colours, graphics and style together create an authentic look that complements the true taste of the high-quality rum. The label's dynamic angle application gives the rum a special limited-batch handcrafted feeling and makes a solid shelf stand out when displayed. A gold metallic finish is used to represent the warm golden sun of the Caribbean, and textured paper gives a nice textural touch to the hands.