Tanglin Singapore Moonshine

Illicit Samsu is the original Singapore Moonshine from the 1930s – secretly distilled in the jungle from dusk till dawn to escape detection. Almost a century later, Tanglin Gin decided to revisit the popular Singapore Moonshine. The design captures the spirit of making Moonshine in the Singapore jungle with its lush green tropical environment and vintage design cues to elevate its historic nature.

Design Award: GOLD 2023 TransformAsia Awards | Packaging Design | Print Production

The front label follows Tanglin Gin's core brand shape, inspired by the iconic Tanglin Gate at Singapore's Botanical Gardens. The use of green, silver, white and black all work in harmony to create a balanced design with strong shelf standout and brand recall.

The green (jungle) and silver (moonlight) foil finishes are featured throughout the label to give an impactful shine and strong contrast to the black paper base, nodding to the bright moonlight that would illuminate the jungle when making Moonshine on the cover of the night.