Hoeslandt New Zealand Dairy

Hoselandt Dairy brings natural, high-quality dairy products from New Zealand to China, delivering the best nutrition to families. Our brief was to refresh the brand with the idea of innocence and purity. We designed the core brand identity to appeal to a younger, more modernised Chinese audience while still having a warm look and feel with a touch of science and technology.

Brand Identity | Brand Communication | Packaging Design

It is essential that the brand clearly communicates that it is a product of New Zealand, derived from a natural and pure source with high-quality ingredients. The core identity displays this through its nature-inspired colours and a cursive font inspired by New Zealand's infamous rolling hills. The hand-drawn typography also gives the brand a more approachable, personable touch.

The pure innocence of the brand runs through all brand assets, from the core logo identity to the brand iconography style. In addition, the packaging design features a refreshed illustration style that displays the brand mascot in an engaging activity. In contrast, the brand and stage numbers have a strong standout with the use of colour blocking. The photography style and brand colour palette work together to create an approachable and natural look, allowing the consumer to journey to New Zealand and be reassured that Hoselandt is the best choice for quality formula.