Bailwein aims to delight your wine-drinking experience with a new unique sensation, no matter the occasion. It is a special type of wine made from fermented fruits sourced from the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. Baliwein went through a rebrand and refreshed packaging design to reposition the wine to be more appealing to a contemporary audience with a refined yet adventurous taste palette who wants to enjoy "The True Taste of Bali".

Project Scope

Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Finished Art


BRONZE 2023 TransformAsia Awards

The rebrand and packaging design celebrates three essential brand truths; 1. 100% Bali-grown and produced, 2. Authentic Bali, 3. Celebrating Occasions. The packaging design highlights the delicious ingredients and flavours with an artisanal style that pays homage to Bali's rich culture. At the same time, the new brand identity features timeless typography with a touch of modernity and a custom brand fleur icon inspired by the traditional Balinese wooden carvings often seen throughout the paradise island.