Kiilat Creative partnered up with Lazada RedMart, an e-commerce giant based in Singapore, to design their first brand in the Spirits category called Shophouse Artisan Spirits. We crafted a Shophouse-themed gin that connects with the iconic Singaporean culture and storytelling, along with the concept of collaboration and community between RedMart and the local distiller. We helped to design the product, from strategy, brand and packaging design and all the way to finished art/production.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Print Production

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The design was inspired by the iconic visual cues commonly seen in Singapore's shophouses as an abstract interpretation of the bottle. Starting with the die-cut and the brand identity on the front label, we wanted to emulate the shape of the shophouse’s window frame. Within the bottle's inner label, we crafted a pattern with graphics that symbolises each key ingredient that makes Shophouse Pink Gin so unique. The Pink Gin Perfect Serve was created to indicate to people which mixer and garish is best for the Shophouse Gin. "Best enjoyed over ice with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water and garnish with fresh lemongrass.