ApsaraPearl Group is situated in the beautiful island of Sumbawa in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. The business extends to ApsaraPearl Berlayan, focused on excellent hospitality, and ApsaraPearl Bertani, devoted to providing the best food available in the region. The brand identity embodies Apsara, the ethereal spirit of the skies, earth and waters, and the pristine environment of Sumbawa.

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The brand identity system works across the multiple brand pillars while maintaining the Apsara spirit as the central figure within the different identities. The ApsaraPearl Berlayan brand identity portrays the Apsara spirit holding a bowl of fragrant flowers, creating a homely atmosphere and blessing the environment. The billowing fabric around her arms reinforces her image as a graceful celestial being. The ApsaraPearl Bertani brand identity features the Apsara spirit proudly holding a basket of food, symbolising the abundance of natural resources in theregion, from hormone-free, grass-fed beef to antibiotic-free, sustainably farmed fish.