Nutrixin Peel Essence

Nutrixin Peel Essence is a range of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory beverages. Our brief was to create a brand and packaging design to reflect a strong vitamin benefit, while at the same time project a modern and contemporary lifestyle visual look. Science can be intimidating, so creating a simplified identity and introducing bold graphics and clear benefits gave the brand and packaging a compelling look without looking dry or overly medical.

The "X" formation of the leaves icon within the Brand ID not only represents the nutrients sourced from Nature but is also inspired by the idea of X as a multiplier (of various benefits in health) as well as the word "Xin" (meaning heart in Chinese), signifying the brand's dedication to health and well-being. The eye-catching graphic line elements forming the "X" design were also crafted with scientific cues in mind. On the back, the line assets extend out to create a heart shape, connecting the elements back to the idea of "Xin".

To reflect the product's clinically-proven benefits, we crafted icons featured on the front and back-of-pack to highlight the key product attributes. The bold use of colours instils a modern design look, perfectly balancing science and fun. We selected a matt lamination and a metallic foil to highlight the "X" graphic for the label. The contrast allows the pack to maintain a natural look with the matt substrate and has a strong stand-out.