Dental Forté

Dental Forté provides gentle, experienced care for adults and kids and services in French for the expatriate community. We created a brand identity that stands out in the dental industry by using visual cues from French-inspired typography and handwritten elements to signify a humanistic touch and convey the clinic's signature care in excellence. The line asset extends to flexible brand expressions that give warmth to a typically cold and fearful dental environment.

Brand Strategy | Brand Design | Brand Communication

Dental Forté is positioned to cater to general families but with a strong focus on specialising in dental care for kids. The brand's visual communication was designed to provide flexibility in communicating towards adults and kids. This would add to the marketing strategy to positioning more appealing materials depending on whether promoting adult or kids care. To promote the kids care we designed characters using primary shapes that represent each type of human tooth. These characters help to educate in an enjoyable way about tooth care. The tone of voice is simple, positive and fun to be appealing and engaging to kids.