Cheffie's makes quality food products in Singapore. The first product launch for the brand is PIES PIES BABY, handcrafted gourmet freshly-baked pies. The brief was to create both the master brand Cheffie's and the product line. The name Cheffie's is a nod to the founder's story and experience as a Singapore master and television chef. PIES PIES BABY was crafted to express a fun, energetic spirit for the flavourful pies and to put a unique spin on the naming and tone of voice based on the 1990 music hit "Ice Ice Baby". We feel that the high quality and unique flavours fit well with the "VIP" vibes of the hit song.

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A pie is only complete with a great sauce! We created a range of Cheffie's sauces for the PIES PIES BABY range. We extended the brand personality with "Chilli Ice" and "Tomato Ice" by creating unique characters to inject Chefffie's fun attitude. We brought to life different aspects of the PIES PIES BABY graphic and voice inspired by Vanilla Ice. With the cool sunglasses and signature hat, we built the street-cool persona into the brand.